· Blouse with a sleeve

It’s necessary to wear something elegant at a meeting. Your blouse should have at least cap sleeves to give it an elegant look. Also, it keeps gazes away from your body and on your face.

· Neckline not too low

Zoom call is not the place for cleavage, you must not wear a top with a low and wide neckline that it below the camera. It can forward the wrong interpretation. Instead, wear something with a formal look. Or if at all you want a casual look you can wear a blouse and trousers or jeans with a medium neckline and not too structured or body fit.

· Choose colour and fabric wisely

If you have a plain dull background you can choose to wear a dark colour which is not dull like dark red, green, blue etc. Avoid fluorescents; zoom meeting is not the time for those colours. If you have a dark background try wearing really light colours like white, peach, light pink etc.

Your fabric should not be shimmery like that with sequins or any type that shines. Your fabric should be very thin or look through. It can borrow many gazes. Any other fabric will do.

· Jewellery

Compliment your look with earnings and neckpiece as they suit according to your dress. Mostly, keep it small and elegant. Don’t miss the watch.

· Professional look

Wear light makeup and give your face a professional look, avoid heavy makeup. Foundation or bb cream along with slight blush and nude lipstick will do. You can also do a nude eye makeup.