· Maintain your boundaries

Once you have decided to detach from a person, you must set some boundaries around yourself for that particular person. Communicate the boundaries without worrying about the reaction from another person. This is how you emotionally detach yourself, remind yourself that it is not your responsibility for how they feel when you communicate your boundaries. Once you have set and communicated your boundaries make sure to maintain them.

· Take your space

When you want to detach from someone, take your own space and don’t let that person in your personal space. Go for a vacation or simply spend time at home. Enjoy your personal time and remember why you made the decision of detachment, this will help you deal with the emotional pain.

· Get support from friends

Get emotional support from your friends and parents to help you stay focused on your decision and maintain your emotional health. It’s not easy to detach from someone you have loved so much but if you have your friends and family by your side it can become much easier. Friends are the most important people in our life, they will make sure to distract you and help you have fun.

· Take care of yourself

Detaching is not easy and it will definitely affect your emotional health but it’s important that you take care of your health. Do what makes you feel better if you need therapy go take one. But see that you are healthy physically and mentally.

· Forgive

To completely move on and detach, you must first forgive the person. Forgiveness helps you forget things and move ahead in life. If you keep resentment and anger in yourself, it becomes difficult to detach because the resentment won’t let you forget.

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