· Summarize the issue

Before you make any decision it is necessary to learn the entire issue and summarize the basics. This will help you focus on decision making and not get distracted by unrelated topics. You must also acknowledge the reason you are making this decision. Is it because you want to? Or is it because of some pressure? This will help you make better decisions for yourself.

· Consider and deal with your emotions

Behind every decision, there are some emotions. Consider your emotions behind this decision, however, don’t let your emotions affect your decision. You must learn to deal with your emotions so that your decision is not biased or influenced by them. It’s necessary that your decision should be beneficial in the long term even if your emotions change. So consider your emotions but don’t let them decide for you.

· Consider all the options

While deciding you will come across various options. Deeply think about all the options. Know the pros and cons of all options and then choose the best among them. Focusing on a single option is not a good move while decision making as it implies biased decision and will mostly lead to regret in the future.

· Evaluate risks and rewards.

Your decisions will definitely have some consequences. As there are two sides to each coin every similarly, every decision will have risks and rewards. Learn about the risks you are taking while making this decision. Make sure the reward is greater and bigger than the risk otherwise you should change your decision.

· Have a backup plan

Certain times you don’t have any options while making decisions at such times you must have a backup plan. If your decision backfires, you must have some plan to survive through it.

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