· Be selfish

Be selfish while having sex, which means if something your partner does to you makes you feel good, ask for it without an apology. Some things don’t give pleasure to both the people involved. So without being concerned, whether your partner is receiving pleasure or not allow yourself to enjoy the opportunity of receiving. You have to be selfish and think about your pleasure for some time during sex.

· Express pleasure

Don’t be shy to express your pleasure sounds, unless you are in a position where someone might get disturbed or shouldn’t know about you having sex. When you hold your response or voice during sex, you become more tensed and this not only reduces your pleasure but may also have an impact on your partner’s pleasure. Releasing yourself through moaning also gives your partner a kick.

· Build anticipation

Building anticipation not only leads to a Powerful orgasm and pleasure but it is a pleasure itself. When you know what makes your partner go wild, don’t directly reach to that point. Enjoy your foreplay session where you can tease your partner by touching or just by words and body language and not letting him touch. Just like planning a vacation is more exciting than the vacation itself or shopping is more exciting than wearing new clothes, anticipation makes sex more exciting and pleasurable than the sex itself.

· Talk about sex

Talking about sex doesn’t mean talking only about your fantasies. It means talking about your previous experience, what you liked or disliked in it. How important is sex to you and your partner, how often you should indulge in the activity, how do you want to feel before, after and during the sex, etc. This will help you understand each other’s needs better.

· Use lubes

Lubes make sex experience hotter and better, lubrication ensures there’s no pain during sex. Generally, women get lubricated naturally down there but for some reason, they are not you can use an artificial lube to get things going. Using lubes enhances your sexual experience and pleasure and might even lead to orgasm due to arousal.

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