· Accept your current circumstances

The primary thing you should do is to accept that you are in a tough situation and you need to get out of it. Unless you accept it you won’t be able to deal with it. Everyone goes through tough times while climbing the stairs of success and the only way to get over tough times is to not give up. Acknowledge your current circumstances and be ready to deal with it. Recognizing your situation alone will give you enough energy to deal with it.

· Change your physical state

Changing your physical states is going to motivate you a lot. Exercise is a great way to deal with depression and stress. It keeps your body fit and mind active. Believe it or not, your emotional and mental well being depends mostly on your physical well being. So start exercising more often. The more fit you get, the more energized you will feel, mentally as well as physically.

· Find a role model

Another way of restoring your energy is to find someone to look up to. Finding a role model and following their footsteps will continuously keep you motivated and help you find ways through tough times. Every person has a struggle story, find someone you relate to most and set them as your role model. Keep learning about them constantly to acquire good qualities from them.

· Imagine your ideal life

Imagining or visualising the results is a great way to motivate yourself. While you go through tough times, think about the life you are going to get once you overcome this situation. The avarice for success will definitely motivate you and restore your energy to keep moving during hard times.

· Stay positive

‘This too shall pass’ should be your motto during tough times. No tough situation is permanent, so look at it as an opportunity to learn and to grow. A positive perspective towards adversity will help you gain more energy to deal with the situation or crisis with grace. So keep yourself positive no matter what.

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