· Be polite

Politeness is always appreciated. Open doors for her, talk with her politely and with respect, these are all gentleman gestures and work great while impressing a woman. Don’t ever make her feel inferior or make fun of her or talk to her rudely. All these activities will make you look like a chauvinist. As much as you believe in gender equality being polite and opening the door for a girl will bring your chivalry back and help you impress your girl.

· Make her feel special

No doubt about how much girls love the feeling of being special to someone. Making your girl feel special every now and then will surely impress her. Buy gifts for her, treat her well in front of your friends and in person, take efforts to make her smile or laugh. All these small things will definitely make her happy and make her feel special.

· Dress well

A well-groomed man is quite impressive. Women love men with good dressing sense and who are well-groomed. So to impress your woman, dress well. Messy hairstyle and a hint of body odour will make you lose the chance of having her. So whenever you both are going to meet comb your hair properly, dress according to the occasion and don’t forget to smell good.

· Ask for her advice

When you ask for her advice, you make her feel important and that she matters to you and this is going to win your heart. Some men have the perception that women are dumb and have no general knowledge and treat all women accordingly, for women this behaviour of men is a big turn off. So, avoid making her feel dumb about something she doesn’t know and involve her in your activities by asking for advice from her.

· Give her a sincere compliment

Compliments always win hearts. Compliment her looks sincerely, when you see that she really took efforts to get ready, your compliment will make her feel special and adored and this will impress her. Also, often compliment her thoughts like saying that you have a really positive thought process, you give good vibes etc. This will assure her that you are not just interested in her body. And you truly like her the way she is.

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