· Nuts

Nuts or dry fruits are the best and healthy snacks to eat during work from home. Nuts have lots of Important nutrients and are a considerable way of gaining energy. If you don’t have enough time to prepare something you can always grab some nuts and dry fruits from the kitchen.

· Oats

Oats a healthy diet food is also easy to prepare. You can add fruits, milk and nuts to your oats to make it a proper healthy lunch or even breakfast. This quick food idea must be on your list when working from home.

· Dark chocolates

Dark chocolates are healthy one as compared to milk chocolates. Whenever you feel like eating chocolate grab one and have it. Dark Chocolate is said to improve your memory function and is also provides a substantial amount of energy.

· Cookies

Cookies along with tea or coffee can be a great way to calm your hungry stomach. If you are health conscious avoid eating flour cookies. Instead, you can try oat cookies or other cookies made from healthy grains.

· Eggs

Boiled eggs or egg fry any form you want to eat them, they healthy and also gives you energy. You can also have eggs for lunch. Easy to prepare and great in taste. You can eat eggs with bread to fill up your stomach.

· Popcorn

Popcorn is an ultimate snack food and quite a healthy one. Preparing popcorn is the easiest thing and also a quick one. So while working from home you can definitely choose to make popcorn when you have less time and more appetite.

· Roasted chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas can be a tasty and wonderful snack idea. You can prepare them beforehand and keep it in a jar and munch on them whenever hungry. Roasting chickpeas with a bit of spices and seasonings can make them tasty and healthy.

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