If you think the muscles of your arms, your core is all that matter, then you are probably wrong. If you are working on your upper body and not your lower body then you are doing a huge mistake. You should also focus on training your lower body. This will help you gain strength and toned legs. Not only that here are a few more benefits you can through leg workout.

· Reduce the risk of injury

Neglecting your lower body can cause muscle imbalance and poor health of hamstrings. It will cause many issues such as lower back pain and ACL injuries. Exercises like squats, lunges will help you build muscles and improve weak joints.

· Burn more calories

Your legs have some big muscles like gluteus maximum i.e. your backside. Working on these muscles require more energy and you burn more calories. According to studies, after a leg workout, there is a rise in metabolism rate.

· Help in maintaining balance

Training your upper body more than your lower body can make you look like a chicken, who has a huge body but small legs. Leg workout is important to maintain the symmetry of your body. So start doing your squats and deadlifts from today, you don’t want to face the humiliation of ‘chicken legs’.

· You can be a good athlete

Legs are kind of the foundation of our body. If you have strong legs you can carry out your other exercises effectively with better results. You also become a good athlete and take part in other sports like running, football etc.

· You also involve cardio and core exercise

Many leg exercises are compound movements along with glutes, hamstrings, calves and thighs they also train your core. For example, squats not only works on your legs but also your lower back and abdominal area. Also, strengthening exercises increase your heart rate which helps you also get your cardio done.

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