Many offices don’t allow couples to work together, that’s because it affects the productivity of a person. However, if you fell in love with a person after joining the office then it’s better you don’t let anyone know about it as it may even cause you to lose your job. Here are a few more ways to deal with office romance.

· Be clear about the relationship

Unless you are absolutely sure about your feelings towards each other don’t get involved as your normal fling or infatuation can cost you your job. If you are sure that you are in love with the person only then you think if getting in the relationship with each other. Or else keep your relationship limited to friendship. Which makes it very clear that you must think thrice before deciding anything.

· Learn about office policies

If your office policies are fine with having couples in the office then there’s absolutely no issue but as many companies don’t allow office romance, yours might also restrict you to get in a relationship with someone working in the same office. So before taking any action learn the office policies and clearly.

· Maintain professionalism

After entering in a relationship be sure to maintain professionalism. Don’t let your work get affected due to your relationship. If you are not keeping your relationship secret don’t let it be on display. It might not only affect your work but also your colleagues’ concentration on work.In addition to that, if there is evidence that an office romance is affecting work, one or both of you may be asked to end your romance or, worse yet, find another job.

· Keep your romance and PDA outside the office

Never! I repeat never indulge in romance and PDA inside the office premises. It can cause strict actions on you and your partner. Plus, it’s not professionally acceptable. Therefore, keep all your romance and PDA outside the office. In the office, work should be your only priority.

· Plan for the worst

If you are hiding your relationship, be prepared for the worst. Going against company rules can cause serious actions on either or both of you. So be prepared, you might also plan to leave your job before you get fired for breaking company rules and thus not spoiling your reputation.

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