Good emotional health is as important as good physical health. Because both of them are interlinked and thus have a great impact on each other. Balanced emotional health is necessary to avoid many physical health issues such as blood pressure, ulcers etc. When you feel good about yourself, it becomes easier for you to tackle all the ups and downs that come your way. Therefore, better emotional health is quite necessary during the pandemic. Here’s how you can improve it.

· Grow your circle of support system

Stay connected with your friends and family, make new friends and genuine ones who would really care and help you during tough times. Having support from your family and friends is very important during the course of life. We need help and pieces of advice to deal with different issues in our lives and thus having great support makes sure we are never alone which in turn boosts our confidence and self-esteem.

· Develop a passion

During the pandemic, staying indoors is going to affect our emotional health a lot thus to boost our emotional health it is necessary that we don’t keep our mind idle. Engage yourself into some kind of activities that make you happy or something that you are passionate about and doesn’t require you to go out. Staying happy during the quarantine period is very important to maintain your emotional health

· Learn to say no

Learn to say no to things you are not ready to do. Whether it’s from the office or at home, something affecting your emotional and mental health should be strictly denied. Set personal boundaries and don’t let anyone cross those boundaries. Don’t be scared to say no, there’s no need to please everyone else but yourself.

· Maintain physical health

Exercise, get yourself moving. Physical health as said before is very essential to be emotionally fit. Therefore make sure you don’t laze all day but workout at least for 30 minutes each day to refresh yourself and also improve your health and fitness. An exercise is a great tool of stress management and to combat emotional distress. Physical health also includes proper diet, enough sleep and getting some fresh air.

· Meditate

Meditation is a must! Daily morning make it a habit of meditation. Wake up early in the morning open your windows let some fresh air pass in and meditate for 10 minutes or as it suits your schedule. Focus on your breathing and let go of negative thoughts. Also, in the entire day, whenever you feel overwhelmed by thoughts, start meditating.

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