‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’. This quote has been taught to us since childhood and the reason behind it was to push us to eat more fruits and vegetables since we as kids ate junk food and chocolates a lot!! Apple as fruit has plenty of nutrition and vitamin C. it also has iron in large quantity, the reason why it turns rusty when exposed to air.

To be precise, Apple has a large number of health benefits. It has a prebiotic which provide for probiotics, the good bacteria that helps in the digestion of food in the stomach. During monsoon or winter, we are often more open to catch a cold or fever. An apple is rich in Vitamin C, which is an immunity booster to fight off illness. Eating an apple also provides a helping hand to fight off ailments like diabetes and high blood pressure. An average apple contains about 95 calories, 25 grams of carbohydrates, 4.5 grams of fibre, 9% vitamin C of the daily value and 3% of the vitamin K.

Apple is highly healthy and great to eat as a snack. It is not even harmful to consume it in high quantity. However, Apple still is not the healthiest fruit. Grapefruit is considered to the healthiest fruit of all. It greatly reduces insulin rejection and helps in losing weight. Being a citrus fruit is also rich in vitamin C and A. Its ability to greatly boost the weight loss process is what makes it beneficial than other fruits.

However, it doesn’t matter which fruit is the healthiest, since all fruits are good for our health. It doesn’t matter as long as we include fruits in our daily diet. Eat fruits daily and stay healthy!