Many of us our working from home due to the epidemic and lockdown. Though we are enjoying the comfort to work in pajamas and saving money spent on traveling. It has become difficult to manage our daily task and work while at home. Being in our comfort zones makes us lazy and thus many of us are not being able to manage our daily tasks. Here are some tips to manage your day.

· Plan your day

Differentiate the tasks between the important ones and not so important. Keep the important ones on the priority list. Make sure to complete those task. Planning your day beforehand is the best practice everyone must follow by doing so we don’t waste our time on not so important tasks.

· Decide your working hours

When you decide your working hours it becomes easier to plan things around those hours. And you don’t end up messing your schedule.

· Wake up early

Waking up early will give you more time to complete your tasks. You can enjoy your personal space before you join your work. Be it exercise, meditation, household chores etc. Can be completed during early mornings.

· Take small breaks between work

You don’t necessarily have to work all day. Take some time off from work and have some me-time. You can cook during this time or spend the time for self care or just scroll through social media.

· Manage your focus

Working from home is not easier aa it seems. Not at all when you have a family at home who is constantly going to distract you with their unnecessary fights, questions etc. In such a situation it is necessary to focus on your work and stay away from distractions like family, food and entertainment. Allotting a certain time to your family can be of great help.