There’s always a fear of getting fired from your dream job or the job you somehow got. With growing unemployment in the country and people losing their jobs due to the pandemic. Everyone is scared what if they lost their job?. If you don’t want to get fired, know these tips and follow them.

· Keep a check on your performance

Performance is the ultimate reason for a company to keep an employee. Make your achievements are known however, maintain the boundary between letting them know and obvious self-promotion. If you are meeting your goals right now, to avoid getting fired step it up a notch and exceed your goals.

· Don’t hide from your boss

Hiding from your boss, from the fear of getting fired is not a great way to escape. In fact, you must get known to your boss. Your boss has a boss too and he has to improve his performance. Tune-in with your boss and assist him to improve their performance while working on yours too. When you are known to your boss, it becomes hard to fire you.

· Show your dedication

Be punctual or even early to the office but don’t leave early. Arriving early and leaving late is the best way to show your dedication. However, make sure to put extra efforts and improve your performance with that extra time you spend at the office. Don’t let your boss think that you are inefficient and so you have to wait after office hours to complete your daily goals.

· Be aware of how your behaviour is perceived

People get fired more due to their social interactions than based on their performance. If your colleague is not fine with you talking to them, stop it right away. Don’t act foolishly about anything that can be taken seriously by your co-workers or your boss. Try to maintain your dignity and respect at work.

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