· Recognise the difference between a boss and bossy people

First of all, you must recognise the difference between a boss and bossy people. A boss is someone who has achieved the position above you to have some kind of authority over you and who can guide you and ask you to do things a certain way. Whereas, bossy people are self-acclaimed bosses, who think they know everything and want to rule over you and other colleagues.

· Don’t live in fear of a bossy person

Stop fearing a bossy person because they don’t have any authority over you, even if you don’t listen to them, it makes no difference in your life and even to the company. Follow and respect your real boss and fear no one. If you want to deal with bossy people stop fearing them and following their instructions, do as you wish or as you are guided by your boss.

· Stand up for yourself when necessary

Learn to say no, when you don’t agree with such people and if they are pressurising you stand up for yourself be firm when you say no and give your explanation. Let them know your boundaries and the consequences if they cross it. Standing up for yourself will also help you gain the confidence to deal with such people.

· Make use of humour

To keep the environment light-hearted make use of humour while saying no or refusing to listen to such people. If they ask you to do certain things, you can say “ as far as I remember, you never got promoted to be my boss” and laugh over it.

· Learn to ignore

Certain people are not worth spending energy on and you must learn to ignore such people. If someone is being bossy around and constantly telling you what to do and what not to just learn to ignore them don’t pay any sort of attention to what they say and don’t follow their instructions, eventually, they will stop being bossy seeing that you don’t care about them.

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