· Maintain accounts

It is important to maintain your accounts as in to write down all your incomes and expenses. It helps you understand all the sources of your income and where you spend your money. Doing so you can decide how much money you want to save and cut your expenses accordingly.

· Track your spending

Keep track of your spending. Collect all the receipts whenever you buy something. Keeping a track of your expenses can prevent you from overspending than what you have. It also allows you to cut down unnecessary expenses.

· Clear your debt

If you have any debt, make it a priority. You must have realized a lot of your earnings are spent on repaying the debt and interest. So try to clear your debt as soon as possible. Once your debt is cleared you are left with extra money which you can save.

· Invest your money

Invest your savings so that you can multiply your money. Investing is always a better option than just saving your money in a current account. Fixed deposits, mutual funds, and others can help in growing your money.

· Set goals

Set goals so that you find a reason to save money goals like buying a vacation or a car etc. Will let you save more.

· Use cheap alternative

When you have the option of a cheap alternative why spent on something expensive. You don’t need to buy an iPhone when you can manage in an Android. Similarly, you don’t need to buy designer clothes you can buy regular brand clothes and save money.