· Ask more questions

To be able to think better, you must know better. And you acquire knowledge by asking questions. Our mind makes many assumptions about things around us by joining the little pieces of information. The assumptions can be right or wrong but to decide it, you must question your assumptions and not believe it to be true. Avoid taking information which you, yourself have not investigated. Believe information only through trusted sources and information that is been verified. Question things around you, question information around you, why it is a particular way? Questioning the things around and trying to find answers to your questions will improve your critical thinking skills.

· Think a step ahead

Thinking a step or more than a step ahead will improve your critical thinking skills. While solving a problem, you must not just think of the solution but also think about the after-effects of your solution. Just like painkillers are the solution to your pain but their side-effects are more harmful than the pain. Thinking about the after-effects will help you choose a better solution and not the easy one.

· Read a lot

A good reader is a great leader. Books have so many good things to teach and so many experiences to share, such information and such experiences you would have never received in your entire life without books. Learning through someone else’s experience is also necessary to be knowledgeable. Reading definitely increases your knowledge and thus helps you to think better.

· Understand all the options

A critical thinker always considers all the options available and then chooses the best among them. We often complain about having only one option left, but the truth is there are many options out there which we don’t want to address. To improve your critical thinking skills you must learn to find out more options and understand them and then decide the best one.

· Surround yourself with smarter people

When you surround yourself with smarter people, you get to learn more. There’s always someone who knows more than you and you should be with that person. If you want to be the big fish in the little pond to feel good about yourself, you’ll be stuck there. Get out of your comfort zone and step in the real world, where people are smarter than you.

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