· Be self compassionate

Love yourself, be compassionate towards yourself when you face failure. If you want to build self esteem, self-compassion is the main element to it. Self compassion teaches you that no matter whether you fail or succeed, you are worthy of love. You deserve to be loved with no conditions.

· Turn your failures into goals

If you fail at something turn that thing as your goal and work yard to achieve your goal. When you have goals in life, you have a direction to move. Therefore, you apply for all your hard work in the right direction which can help you succeed.

When you fail it’s your past which can’t be changed but when you turn your failure into the goal it becomes your future and you can do many things to make it better.

· Don’t treat yourself as a victim

Don’t treat yourself as a victim. Don’t cry about failing, when you do so you keep on thinking about past and you can’t move on. Instead, see your failure as an opportunity to learn something new. It doesn’t matter how many times you fall down but what matter is how many times you rise.

· Don’t judge yourself

People might judge you because you failed, but you shouldn’t judge yourself. No one is perfect and everyone on this planet has failed at something or the other. Even the greatest scientists have failed at their first attempt and many more attempts but they didn’t see themselves as a failure, they didn’t judge their capabilities based on their failure, but they learned through it and succeeded.

· connect with others

Many people isolate themselves when they fail, due to the fear of being judged. But instead, you should talk about your failure with people. You’ll find out many failure stories from your relatives and you would know what you should do after you fail. Talk to your friends and family, they will give you some useful advice to bounce back.

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