Nobody is perfect, not even a mother. Therefore stop thinking of becoming a perfect mother, instead, try to become a good mother. Being a good mother doesn’t mean loving your child unconditionally, every mother does that but being a good mother means teaching your child to be a good human being, correcting their mistakes and not ignoring them. In short, when your child becomes a good human being you become a good mother. Here are a few tips to help you become a good mother and not a perfect one.

· Communicate with your child quite often. Build confidence in them, let them know that they can come to you and share anything they want to without any fear. If they want you to not tell certain things to their dad, keep it a secret! Your child should trust in you with little things so that they tell you when something huge happens in their life.

· Never ignore their mistakes and never scold them so much that they would be scared to confess their mistakes henceforth. Just because you scold them doesn’t make them perfect, they are still going to make mistakes and new ones as they grow up. Instead, you must talk to them calmly yet with a firm tone. Let them know that they have mistaken and such mistakes are not acceptable and should not be repeated. They’ll understand your point more clearly.

· Spend enough time with them. Every day have some mother-child time where you can go on a walk together, just sit in a park or play games. Doing certain activities with your child and teaching them the right way and having a conversation over it, helps them to understand things better. Their brain development speeds up when they have a conversation as compared to kids who are silenced.

· Don’t expect too much from your child, set reasonable expectations according to their capacity. If your kid doesn’t like to study and is not good at studies, don’t force your child to secure highest marks, don’t force them to do something they don’t like just because you expect them to do that. Again, this doesn’t mean education should be given up on. Education is necessary and should be completed but don’t expect them to secure the 1st position.

· Inculcate proper values in them and make sure they live their life according to the values. Teaching your kids do respect humans as well as animals, teaching them the importance of hard work, tell them the wonders kindness can do, teach them discipline, etc. These values will help them succeed in life and evolve into a great human being.

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