· Working environment

Make your office a pleasant place to be, where employees would love working. Having a well lit, fully ventilated and functional place will surely motivate employees to work harder and love coming to the office. Apart from the facilities, another important aspect of the working environment is the culture of the company. The working culture of the company should be employee-friendly, there should be strict rules on how the employees should be treated by their manager and colleagues. Having a peaceful and friendly working environment will motivate the employees.

· Empowerment

Empowering your employees and giving them room to grow makes them feel valued. No one likes to be an interchangeable person, who is not recognised in the organisation and who is being used for someone else’s profit. While employees help you gain profits and grow your business but as your business grows, even the employees should be given a chance to grow. To empower them they should be provided opportunities to prove themselves and should be given a deserved post.

· Supportive leaders

To enhance teamwork there should be a great and supportive leader. A supportive leader works together with the employee and helps them rise when they fall and guide them in the right direction. Employees must be backed with supportive leaders who are empathic towards them and have all qualities of the leader, inspire the employees and motivates them to work like their leaders.

· Recognition and rewards

Initially, every employee works hard and tries to give their best to the company. It is important that the company recognises their value and hard work and reward them for the same. Recognition gives them a sense of security and motivates them to work hard and get recognised every time.

· Compensation

Employees should get an increment in their salary after a specific period of time. Apart from that, they should be rewarded for their good work and receive incentives if they deserve it. In the end, every employee works for money. When they compensated as much as they deserve or even more, they realise that the company recognises their value and is ready to pay you for your value. It not only gives them motivation but also satisfaction which is very important to reduce employee turnover.

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