Even if you don’t like meetings or you get nervous when you have to attend a meeting, you know it is a great opportunity for you to express your points and impress everyone. But following little steps can get you there.

· Be well-groomed

You must be well-groomed while attending a meeting and especially when you have a boss or a client you must give your best impression. Apart from that, when you are well-groomed it boosts your confidence. It might help to impress.

· Be an active listener

While attending a meeting you must be an active listener. An active listener often appears to be interested in the meeting. It helps you fully concentrate and understand which is necessary for you to respond correctly.

· Ask questions

You must ask questions during a meeting. It proves that you are listening interestingly and trying to understand. Also, don’t ask too many questions as it might irritate others. Ask a genuine question when you don’t understand something.

· Communicate politely

During a meeting communicate with your team politely, if you have any suggestions or if you disagree with something, try to be polite and explain it to the team. Never interrupt when another member is talking. Doing so you won’t hurt anyone’s sentiments.

· Take notes

Writing notes during a meeting. Write down what you feel important or anything that pops in your head but you can’t say write away. It shows that you are active in the meeting and care about the discussion.