· Find what you truly enjoy doing

Notice what makes you happy, as you are going through your daily life observe what makes you feel enthusiastic, what makes you feel alive and what you love doing. It can be an art or something else that helps you feel happy. Make a list of such activities and see the common factor in them. Adopt that factor to find direction.

· Trust in your instincts

Sometimes it happens so, that all the factors are positive about a specific direction but your gut feeling doesn’t believe so. If your instincts tell you not to choose that direction, in such a scenario, you must trust your instincts or gut feeling. Your gut feeling is almost always right.

· Discover your strengths and weakness

As you live your daily life, try observing your strengths and your weakness. There would be something you are excellent in doing. That is your strength. Include your strength factor while choosing a direction in life. Because you will surely succeed when you do what you are good at.

· Stay connected with your values

While finding a direction make sure that you are connected with your values. If a certain direction demands violation of your values, you must probably not choose that path. Your values and ethics are the core of your life. Nothing should be worth compromising your values.

· Surround yourself with supportive people.

Supportive people are necessary to be surrounded by because these people help us a lot in finding the right direction. Your family and friends who are supportive will always guide you on the right path. You can trust them and ask for their opinion when you can’t really decide what you want in life.

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