Diet soda is considered healthier than normal soda. However, it’s not as healthy as it seems to be. The artificial sweeteners in the diet soda is the root of many health problems. And there are no benefits of diet soda as such to be considered good for Health. Here are some bad points about a diet that will help you to decide.

· Can cause breakouts

Diet soda is said to dry out your skin and make your skin more prone to acne. Because of its sweetness and added sugar diet soda is one of the foods that cause breakouts. It also causes dark circles under your eyes. If you avoid drinking diet soda and replace it with water, you can see a huge difference in your skin.

· Artificial sweeteners can cause headache

Diet soda contains artificial sweeteners, which are 200 times sweeter than that of refined sugar. The sweetness in this soda triggers a headache. It is also found that people who consume diet soda avoid healthier food, which causes them to obese.

· Lower bone density

People who drank diet soda have shown comparatively lower bone mineral density as those who didn’t and especially women faced a lot of diseases caused by low bone density such as osteoporosis. Trade diet soda for bone-healthy food.

· Increasetheriskof diabetes and hypertension

The artificial sweeteners present in the diet soda affect your gut negatively. Many enzymes present in your gut to break down the food are said to decrease their activity due to these sweeteners. Due to which humans might suffer from a metabolic syndrome which is related to many health problems such as type 2 diabetes and hypertension or high blood pressure.

The above points are a few examples of how bad diet soda can be for your health. Diet soda is also said to increase the rate of depression among the drinkers. Well, we couldn’t find a single good point about diet soda. So it’s advisable that you give up on diet soda and replace it with healthier drinks like water, green tea or fruit juice.

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