Being emotionally independent gives us the strength to take our own decisions and don’t depend on someone else for our sense of self. All we have to do is modify our thinking, achieve control over our emotions and most importantly accept ourselves as we are, what we do and what we feel. Here are some tips to be emotionally independent.

· Accept yourself, there’s nothing better than accepting yourself the way you are in gives you a sense of confidence and boost your self-esteem. It makes you more aware of your feelings and thus you tend to avoid criticizing yourself.

· Spending time with yourself is also necessary so that you are able to know and understand your inner self. Only when you peep into yourself, you’ll know how you feel for certain things, what is acceptable and what is not, etc. Try meditating and yoga and spend time reflecting on your actions.

· If you are someone who gets offended every time someone says something mean, wait and reflect as to why you got offended, what words exactly hurt you. Should someone else’s viewpoint about you matter so much? No, it doesn’t. So every time someone insults you or criticizes you don’t get offended instead ignore them or give it back to them but in nice words.

· Never forget that how you feel is inside you, it depends on your hormones and thus you have complete control over all your feelings. It’s in your hand whether to be happy or sad. So always choose happiness.

· If you want to be emotionally independent, start taking decision for yourself. Don’t ask someone else to decide for you. You know yourself better than anyone else and letting someone else take a decision for you means letting them manipulate you and your thoughts, don’t let that happen.

· Fix your own problems, don’t run to your friends and family to help you solve every small problem. Only when you learn to deal with your issues on your own, you’ll be completely independent.

· Learn to say no, there’s no need to please everyone. You must set your boundaries and learn to say no to anyone who tries to cross the boundaries. It’s very essential to maintain your emotional health.

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