You doubt yourself when you lack confidence. At some point in life, everyone has gone through this feeling. Thoughts like am I good enough? Will I be able to do it?, Did my decision go wrong?, etc, these thoughts arrive when you are not confident about yourself and your decisions. People who self doubt often panic about things going wrong.

Self-doubt to a certain limit is considered good as it helps you improve yourself but self-doubting beyond a certain limit can stop your growth.

· Stop comparing yourself with others

The main reason why you doubt yourself is you find someone else better than you. There’s always going to be someone better than you but you are unique in yourself. Comparing yourself with someone can be helpful to understand what you are lacking but too much comparison will make you doubt yourself and your abilities.

· Stay optimistic

When you are trying to achieve something it is important to be positive and think positively. You must not think about negative outcomes this will lead you to doubt your decision. Whenever you feel you are not good enough to recall all your past achievements, this will help you stay positive.

· Love yourself

To stay confident you must first learn to love yourself. A person who loves himself is more confident than a person who doesn’t. No one is perfect neither are you but loving your imperfections will make you confident about yourself and thus you will avoid self-doubting.

· Admit your struggles

Always admit your struggles. There’s no need to show a merrier picture when it is not. If you are struggling to achieve something if you are making mistakes accept it. People are flawed, they often make mistakes, they struggle there’s nothing to hide about it. When you hide something you are lying and lying affects your confidence.

· Learn from your failure

Don’t get upset when you fail, try to learn from it so that you don’t fail the next time. Don’t let failure take over your confidence. It’s just a phase and it shall pass.

· Work on yourself

If you feel insecure about certain things try to work on it. If you feel the need to learn new things you must. Keep working on yourself, keep improving it’s only going to help you, and boost your confidence.

· Ask support

If you are finding it difficult to cope up with your self doubting talk with someone, ask for support. Someone who truly cares about you will encourage you and lift you up. They can boost your confidence and help you stop self-doubting. You must stay away from someone who discourages you or mocks you down they can harm your confidence.