Everyone goes through such a situation where you feel there’s no fun in living anymore, nothing works in my your favour and there are times where you don’t know what to do with life and what should be your next step in life. There are lots of reasons why people feel sad, dissatisfied and unhappy about life in general. But don’t give up just yet …There are things you can do to change your circumstances. Try these easy tips to press the refresh button.

· Visualise your ideal life

When you feel you are bored or tired of the life you are leaving, one way you can refresh yourself is by visualising. Imagining yourself living your ideal life can rejuvenate your mind and motivate you to look forward to better days to come. Visualise things you want to achieve, places you want to travel, the job you want to do. This will help you stay positive and keep moving ahead.

· Break the routine

Most of us get tired of life because we get stuck into a daily rut of life. Same work schedule, same routine life and thus it makes us feel bored and exhausted of life we live. Therefore, to stop feeling this way you must break the routine. Keep changing your daily activities. Include exercise in your routine, enjoy your weekends at different places and with different people. Don’t make your life a routine but keep it exciting and adventurous and see you’ll never get tired of living.

· Take a break and relax

Take a break from your work/job and relax. Stay at home or go on a vacation or spend time with family and friends. If you keep on working all the time then you are taking yourself for granted. You too need rest, you too need fun and enjoyment in life. Therefore, whenever you feel tired and exhausted take a break from your daily routine and go relax with your family or friends, you can go on a vacation so that you have fun too.

· Set a to-do list

Feeling tired also makes us feel demotivated. Thus it’s necessary that you set some goals for your future. And prepare a to-do list to achieve those goals. When you know what you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it, you’ll never get bored with life. In fact, it will be an exciting journey to success.

· Stop consuming yourself in sadness

Stop thinking that you are sad and tired, avoid wasting your energy in being sad. Instead, try to be positive, look at life with a different angle and don’t take life so seriously, no one comes out alive of it. Enjoy every moment, find peace and happiness in every moment.

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