Sushant Singh Rajput was an Indian actor. He started off his career with daily soap and then made an entry into movies. He was an amazing actor with great acting skills. A kind person who was in love with science and astronomy. He passed away on 14th June 2020. But he has left us with so much to learn from his acting and performance. Here are 5 things he taught us through his performance in the movie MS Dhoni.

· Don’t act, live the character

Sushant Singh tried to live the character of MS Dhoni. While you act you must completely engross yourself into the character. Living the character makes your acting much more convincing. His performance was outstanding and for a while, we actually considered him Dhoni.

· Act with Passion

Sushant is quite passionate about acting and you can see that. He has acted so well in the movie and even other movies of his. His performance teaches us that with passion we can excel in anything we want to do. Just be passionate enough to achieve it.

· Work hard

His performance clearly states that he has worked really hard to be more convincing. He said in his interviews that he took training for cricket from the coach, he also learned to play the iconic helicopter shot. He himself interviewed Mahi about his view and tried to spend enough time with him just to understand his behaviour and adapt. He really worked hard to make this character of his work and he succeeded, we loved him as MS Dhoni.

· He kept us engaged

His acting was real and convincing, his acting and the story made us stuck our eyes on the screen. We cried on his struggles and enjoyed his achievements. He kept us hooked on the screen as Dhoni would do when he plays cricket.

· Love what you do.

One important thing we learn from his performance is you should do what you love and you will definitely excel in it. His love and passion for acting kept us wondering. He was such an amazing actor and his performance in MS Dhoni is quite inspiring.