· Decide your goals

You first need to decide what you want to achieve. Knowing your goals helps you prepare for achieving those goals. It is important for you to know what you want to achieve. Views, engagement, or anything else.

· Know your competition

Once you have decided your goals check for your competition. There are many YouTubers out there making various types of content and doing quite well. You need to be extraordinary to beat them. Watch their videos see what they are giving and what they are not and try adding it to your content.

· Create extraordinary content

You need to have an extremely amazing content to make people like your videos. There are many videos on YouTube to outstand those you need to put some real effort and you should be expert in what you do. The more amazing content you give more people will share your video and you will gain views. Your content should be readable to your viewers. The starting and ending should be remarkable and the middle part of your video should be entertaining enough to hook your viewers.

· Fill in proper video details

Fill all the video details in the description section and don’t miss any detail. Your details will help people find your video on the internet.

· Use social media pages

Use yours and other social media pages to promote your channel. More people will find out about your video and you can gain more views. This will help your channel grow. Connect with those who have more followers on other platforms and ask them to promote your video.

· Keep your channel active

Keeping your channel active is very important to increase engagement. You must post at least 2 videos a week. Doing so you won’t let people forget about your channel and also get the chance to improve your videos and keep doing better.

· Interact with your viewers

Interacting with your viewers in the comment section help you gain their loyalty. Take their criticism as feedback and try to improve yourself. Don’t be rude to them and politely answer their criticism.