The parasite is a Korean film that was released in 2019. The film talks about greed and class discrimination that affects the newly formed relationship between the park and the Kim family. The movie was nominated for Oscars and it did win the Academy Award for best picture. The movie definitely taught us some dark lessons about life. Here are some of them.

· Greed is disastrous

The main theme in the movie Parasite is greed and the movie offers the chance to observe how lethal it is. Some people argue that greed is what encourages people to achieve success, if greed is being used for a positive purpose then it shouldn’t be considered as greed. But nowadays greed is all about wanting more and more, It’s about never being satisfied with what you have. And under the influence of greed people harm other people.

· Everyone wants to feel important

Who doesn’t want to feel important? Everyone does because feeling important is the only way we can keep up our confidence and self-esteem. If someone makes us feel less important then it immediately hurts our self-esteem and self-worth. Therefore it’s absolutely ok to want to feel important. The problem arises when you want to feel more important than the other person, when. You look at someone with a superiority complex. Everyone deserves life and happiness as much as you do, you are not any more or any less worthy of it.

· Ignorance is quite easy

The movie clearly depicts that being aware of something is really tough but being ignorant is quite easy. The park family is wealthy and their life moves smoothly, so they assume that everything in the world is working smooth. We often tend to forget that how we see the world is completely our perspective and that there are many people around and everyone is living a different life with the different perspective we can’t decide the world is a better or poor place to live according to the view of it.

· Envy can cover our eyes

Being envious means desiring something we don’t have but the other person has. Envy can cover our eyes and makes us blind that is because we start focusing on other people’s belongings and forget to have a look at ours. We ignore what we have and in order to own what others have we end up losing everything if you think owning things can make you happy you are wrong. Materialistic things can never make you happy. So avoiding comparison and enjoying one’s own journey is the best way to be happy.

· Money doesn’t conquer misery

The movie definitely depicts the huge gap between two societies the rich and the poor which is true all over the world. Due to failed economies, ineffective financial policies, corrupt politicians and greed of many businessmen theirs is a lot of money in the hands of few people. But their greed doesn’t stop here they still want more. Sorrow or misery in life however doesn’t stay away from people with money. There are many people both from rich and poor societies facing some sort of misery and sufferings in their life. So what’s the point of being greedy and confiscating money from less privileged people.

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