This above popular phrase can be or cannot be true depending on the person’s attitude towards life. In this modern world, people are in search of happiness but can get none because happiness is not something you buy it is something you earn. People are interested in materialistic things that they think of as happiness but what they don’t know is the excitement, the happiness will wear off. You will buy stuff but never get satisfied because the truth is the more you have the more you desire and we get stuck in a loophole that you can’t fix. Minimalism is the key to simple living. Things do get old, but happy moments in life always stay on make you happy whenever you recall it.

“Materialistic goals create a loop of higher goals, more work stress, and less connection.”

The taste of contentment comes from within your inner peace. Inner peace isn’t a tangible thing that you can buy from the store.

In order to make your life happy and contented here are few points to consider :

  •       Try to find happiness in smaller things
  •      Try to live in the moment
  •     As said by Ratan Tata, “None can destroy iron but its rust” so no one can change your mindset, but you. To develop yourself, explore and learn new things because your brain is like a workshop, use it, repair it, manufacturer your success.
  •     Don’t distract yourself from the things that really matter, family, friends, and our dear ones who care for us.

In the end, materialistic goals lead to a stressful life since you aren’t satisfied and keep running after things that you don’t have and forget to appreciate the things you already have. Look out for permanent happiness and avoid temporary happiness. So be happy and be non-materialistic and try to enjoy your life the way you have it.

Money can’t buy happiness