Wanting something that you don’t require is greed. Food, money, wealth or anything else that you already have but still pursue to get more is greed. There is nothing wrong with wanting more. We all have dreams and we break our backs to achieve. But when you become successful and still run behind money, ignoring the dreams you had as a kid, that’s where dreams become greed. Nothing else is important to you than your greed when that happens. Which is why we have to set a limit to everything.

Once a man was granted a wish. Run as far as he could and all the area, he covered will belong to him. He ran for days without food or water or rest. Eventually, he got a stroke which leads to his death. He sure won all the land but lost his life in the greed of obtaining more. Of course, this is just a story, but the lesson to learn here is how greed takes away all the fun from our work life and leads us towards disaster. What is the use of that bonus check, if you can’t even be there at home to kiss your kids’ goodnight? What is the use of all the money you earn, if you can’t share your love with your family? Family is what brings us the utmost happiness. Greed takes it all away.

Meeting your needs is what matters. Manage your work life and personal life together. Once you start walking on the path of greed, it will only create more greed. Remember, that the extra bread you bought just because you had the money to do so, was supposed to feed an unfortunate person for days. Don’t be selfish and try to keep everything for yourself. The more you take the less there is for others. Think about others too.

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