In Sanskrit, “yoga” comes from the word yuj, meaning “to yoke” or “to unite”. Then why not use yoga to unite two people as a whole. Partner yoga also has its origins in building trust and communication, which are cornerstones of a healthy, intimate, and prosperous relationship. Below are some couple-yoga poses you must try with your partner.

· Partner twist

Sit opposite to each other with your backs touching, take a deep breath in. As you exhale, gently twist, going in the opposite direction of each other. Take one hand and place it on your opposite knee, with the other hand reaching back for your partner’s.

· Breathing together

Sit in opposite direction position with your partner and your backs touching. With eyes closed, tune into your partner’s breathing, and begin to deepen the inhales and the exhales. See that your breathing patterns are the same and synchronised with each other. Do this exercise for 3-5 minutes, or as long as it is comfortable.

· Partner boat pose

Start in a seated position, facing one another and a little far from each other to give enough room for extending the legs. When you’re ready, come into Boat pose one leg at a time, until the soles of your feet are touching. If possible hold the hands of each other and look into your partner’s eyes and smile and take deep breaths.

· Reverse warrior partner pose

Begin in Warrior position, both facing away from each other, with the outside of your back foot touching. Stabilize yourself with the connection shared with your foot. Take a deep breath in, and while exhaling, come into your Reverse Warrior by lifting one arm overhead and reaching back for your partner’s grasp, creating a heart shape in the middle of your joined pose.

· Seated and supported cat/cow

Seat and reach for your partner’s forearms and interlace. As you inhale, and arch your back and lift your heart to the sky, you can also lift your gaze to expose and open the throat. As you exhale, round the spine and pull back, using the resistance of each other’s arms as support, bringing the gaze inward toward your chest.

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