· 3 shades

This short film is most relevant in today’s time. It is about a small child who sells many Indian flag on 26th January but fails to sell any on 27th of January. Many of us show excitement, energy and rage when there is any heated topic and after few days we go back to our normal routine.

In recent times there were many topics where public raised their voice but only for few days, after that they forgot about it and didn’t care about the results of raising voices.

· A change

It is a touching story of the poor school going girl, who’s father is an alcoholic. This short film talks about change you need to bring in your thinking before aiming to change the world. Using this strategy she changes her father’s drinking issue.

· That day after every day

The short film is about three women who are teased by road side goons every day. It is directed by Anurag Kashyap and has a typical Anurag Kashyap ending.

· The wall

The wall short film was made as a tribute to A.P.J Abdul Kalam. The film is about an autistic child and every minute details is shown through his point of view. The film also encourages about environment cleanliness.

· Parichay

It is one of the most motivational short films on YouTube. The story revolves around an entrepreneur who is going through a bad phase in his business. The story talks about how a small meeting at a tea stall changes his life.

· Never give up

It’s a story about self-determination. It teaches us, no matter what comes your way, you must never give up. Try, try till you succeed. Fight for your dreams until you achieve them.

· Inspire

It’s a short film about cultural differences and that causes conflicts. It teaches us we must rather celebrate the positive impact of diversity, keep aside prejudice and social exclusion.

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