· Develop your ideas

Develop your ideas, define what are you want to talk about. Learn what you are good at and choose that field and develop ideas related to that topic. Remember it’s important to be passionate about what you are talking only then you can convince people, so don’t choose a trending topic but choose what you are passionate about.

· Identify your target audience

Now that you have chosen topic and ideas, you need to learn about your audience. Not everyone would be interested in your topic. If you chose to talk about relationships and marriage, people who are in a relationship and married are your target audience. If you chose to be motivated about entrepreneurship and aspiring entrepreneurs are your target audience. So deciding your audience will help you understand what language and what examples should you use in your speech.

· Gain speaking skill

Giving a speech without proper speaking skills can get embarrassing before you want to be a speaker learn something skills even if you are confident with speaking in front of lots of people, you need to learn many more aspects of speaking among people so learn those skills before you start giving speeches.

· Initially offer to speak for free

You need to be able to recognized first to be successful, so if you want to make yourself successful, initially offer to speak for free. People will pay you when they start knowing you but if you start asking for money even before being recognized, you wouldn’t even get a chance.

· Make use of social media

Make total use of social media pages to promote yourself. Post small videos of your speech, your pictures while speaking and interacting with audience etc. Marketing yourself is very important if you want to be successful.

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