“ Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Why is comfort zone dangerous?

Comfort zone is the most dangerous place to be because it’s the place where dreams die and you fail to live your life to the fullest. It’s dangerous because it doesn’t allow you to flourish, it doesn’t allow you to grow or learn. It keeps you in the shell and makes you think that this little shell is your entire world. Isn’t it scary to be stuck in a small room without windows? It is right, that small room is your comfort zone. The world is so enormous and you and your comfort zone are so small. If you don’t step out of your comfort zone you’ll never be able to know what’s outside the small room. Therefore it’s necessary to get out of it. But first, learn,

Why we are stuck in it?

All of us are different and so are our comfort zone. Honestly, everyone sets in their comfort zone from time to time but some people are the permanent residents. As we grow, we must also increase our boundaries and we need to step out of it every time we want to draw a different boundary line. The main reason why people refrain from stepping out of their comfort zone is stress because yes being uncomfortable makes many of us anxious. Our comfort zone is our safety belt and it makes us feel secure but how long does a small safety belt going to fit you and make you feel secure? At some time you are going to feel suffocated. That’s where we go wrong we wait until we are suffocated, we step out of our comfort zone only when we have to and once the job is done we are back into our shell. Therefore it’s necessary that we step out with our own will and not when we are forced to.

How to get out of it?

· Become aware of things outside of your comfort zone, read books, watch videos and learn what’s there out in the world. Learn more about things that you are uncomfortable in doing.

· One way you can escape your boundaries is to seek discomfort, seek it and once you find it, embrace it. Live in discomfort as long as it becomes comfortable and then again start seeking discomfort that’s how you grow.

· Fear of failure is the main reason why people don’t step out of their comfort zone but accept the fact that without failure theirs is no learning and no learning means no success. So stop fearing failure, consider failure as your teacher and try to learn from it.

· Stop thinking about what could go wrong, instead, start thinking about the benefits you can get once you do that ‘uncomfortable’ thing. The visualisation of benefits will motivate you to step out.

· Stop giving excuses, instead be honest. If someone asks you to go out with them tell them the truth that you are anxious and don’t feel comfortable. Be honest with yourself and those around you.

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