As parents and elders, we always worry about how different things in the world are affecting our young ones. One of the things being TV addiction. The only thing that keeps children under control when they are causing disturbance and nuisance in the house is TV. You just have switched to a cartoon channel and they won’t move from the couch for hours!! But this becomes a concern when this feature of entertainment becomes their only priority. We worry that the kids aren’t being physically active enough and that they are damaging their eyes sitting in front of a screen all day.

We certainly cannot completely stop them from watching TV, but we sure can alter their focus towards something positive. Kids like to watch cartoon because it is funny and it makes them happy. Find shows that are funny as well as informative. Art and craft lessons can be a good diversion for kids that have a talent in art.

Some other options you can try: –

  • If you watch a lot of TV, there is no way your kids will listen to your warnings. They look up to us and act accordingly. If you read in front of them, they will try to enact you too. So set a good example for them.
  • If you want your kids to watch more educational shows, start yourself. Stop watching those old movies on repeat or drama serials that never end. Watch more of informative channels. Some shows might attract your kids to join too.
  • Bring them storybooks or educational books like a kid’s encyclopedia. They are far more interesting and entertaining for them.
  • Find educational channels and watch it with your kid. If he doesn’t understand anything about science or geography shown in the show, explain it to him. That will maintain his curiosity and interest.
  • Kids may be stubborn at times and won’t listen to you, no matter how hard you try. Such times call for strict measures. Subscribe to informative channels and unsubscribe all the cartoon channels. Choose channels that provide knowledge to your kids. Discovery Kids, History TV18, Animal planet are some options you can choose.

Lastly, do not be too harsh or rude to them. Cartoons are addictive and if we were at their age, we would have been addicted too. All kids need is some positive motivation and your care. Use these tips to make them watch more educational shows and slowly give up cartoon.