Laziness is physical as well as mental. It is quite common in human beings as well as animals. Many of us are constantly tired, dizzy and not interested for the most of the day. Being lazy and relaxing after lots of hard work is acceptable. But not just willing to work is the kind of laziness we can’t afford. Laziness can completely consume us. And in such a case it becomes difficult to overcome laziness. Here are a few tips to stop lazing around and get going.

· Exercise

Exercise makes your body fit and active. It is the best way to overcome laziness. Exercise helps you conquer physical laziness. Exercise keeps you working physically and also motivates you to put efforts and complete other daily tasks.

· Segregate your work

When you are overwhelmed by work you tend to avoid doing it because you feel burdened. In such a case, you must segregate your work into small parts and then complete each part. This will not make you feel burdened and help you stop procrastinating.

· Set deadlines

Make a schedule of your daily job and set deadlines for each work and stick to the schedule. This will help you complete your work on time and not waste your time.

· Involve a friend

Involve a friend in your work, like have a gym partner. It becomes difficult to procrastinate when you have someone to answer.

· Think of the consequences

Thinking of the results you are going to achieve is a great motivation to get your body out if that couch. The body you will achieve will motivate you to exercise. On the contrary, the consequences you’ll face if you just keep lazing around can also motivate you to work.

· Start slow

If you have one work to complete which might take 20 minutes you can just work for 5 minutes and then stop. Starting with small things allowing very little time will motivate you to get going.

Once you get the habit of working you won’t feel to laze around and love working. Just don’t rush into doing things or else you’ll work for one day and then stop.

· Be ready to fail

If you are being lazy because you think you’ll fail. Understand that it’s ok to fail. Through failure, we learn many things and what is more important that you tried. Everyone faces failure when they try something new but failing 100 times helps you master it.