· Exact digital representation of the concept

With the help of digital diagrams and models, it becomes easier to explain certain concepts to children. For instance, explaining the revolution of the earth around the sun and rotation on its axis at the same time becomes easier to explain as compared to before which required a lot of effort from teachers.

· Enhances knowledge retention

Studies have proven that watching something can be retained faster and longer than hearing or reading it. With the help of technology, lessons can be shown in a video format. Diagrams, concepts and many more things can be explained with the help of videos and 3-D pictures. So that students understand it and can retain it for a longer time

· Improved research

Earlier, research was limited to books only and therefore, there wasn’t much teacher could share with students to enhance their knowledge. Now, due to the internet and access to information from all over the world, it has become quite easier to find information on a particular topic and thus research has improved.

· Facilitates learning at an individual pace

Not everyone can learn at the same pace, everybody has their own speed of learning. However, it wasn’t possible for teachers to wait for each student to grab things as it is time-consuming and teachers can’t spend all their time on a particular student while wasting other student’s time. Due to technology, anywhere and anytime learning had become accessible and thus children can be explained a concept for n number of times.

· Better assessment

Technology has also improved the way of assessing student’s performance. It has become quite easier for teachers to compare individual student’s performance with other students as well with their previous performance.

· Made distant learning possible

An important benefit of technology can be the possibility of distance learning. It has made it able for many students to educate themselves without having to travel a lot or shift from where they stay. Which saves a lot of money and time. Distance learning also enables them to learn courses that are not available in the country.

· A heightened sense of enjoyment

Technology has also increased the Joy of Learning, young students, as well as adult students, are having fun learning with the help of technology as it gives them a chance to learn something by being able to see the actual video of how things work which makes the whole learning process interesting and Lovable.

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