Striving for perfection is nothing but a waste of energy. It’s as good as trying to achieve high standard goals. No matter how much you try in the end there’s going to be something that is not perfect and who decides the definition of perfection. Every human thinks different and therefore everyone has a different definition of perfect which ultimately makes you imperfect for some or the other person. Striving for perfection therefore will only bring suffering and sadness. Working towards the illusion of perfection is often based on shame and feelings of unworthiness or incompleteness. It can be considered the opposite of acceptance and self-love.

Can you define perfection?

Honestly, No. Perfection is completely subjective to the interpreter. What someone might find perfect not necessarily everyone thinks it’s perfect. Every human has a different kind of thinking and thus they will interpret according to their level of thinking.

Your perception of perfect might change with change in your mood, age or lifestyle. The perfect life you decide or imagine now might not be perfect when you reach there and then you’ll be disappointed. Therefore, it’s necessary to do what feels right rather than trying to be perfect.

Why perfection is an illusion?

We are all provided with the images by the society which they think is the perfect way to be. Since the very young age, we are always being compared to someone who is better than us in something. It begins with our parents comparing us to other kids and later on, it becomes a part of how we live our life. Our image of perfection is often created by what we have seen in a picture or a movie or some video. We often forget that everything we are shown is a planned show and still has mistakes but our life is not planned and therefore it can’t be similar to as shown in the movies. Even the movie stars have their life apart from movies and believe me it isn’t perfect either. We often create this illusion of perfection which is almost unattainable and thus end up being sad and depressed. Always remember there’s nothing perfect in the world. Everything is imperfect and start loving all the imperfections in your life and you’ll start enjoying your life and that will be your definition of a perfect life!!

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