What is love?

When you fall in love with someone, you give them your heart and soul entirely. It’s beautiful the way they love you back and make you feel special. The feeling of being loved is very special and everyone wants to be loved. When you first fall in love, when the person touches you, chills run down your body and you experience butterflies in your stomach and tomato red blush on your face. To say the least, love is beautiful and you just can’t deny love.

What is friendship?

Friendship, on the other hand, is a completely different emotion. There is fun, understanding, trust and loyalty. However, it’s quite simple. It doesn’t give you butterflies or goosebumps, there is no attraction, etc. Friendship is an effortless relationship, you don’t have a rollercoaster of feelings, you don’t have to keep impressing someone, the relationship if friends go quite smooth with hardly any drama. Having good friends is a blessing that’s all we can say.

What are the differences?

– Love can’t be found again and again but friendship can be found numerous times.

– Since love is special and rare, it can also exploit you by taking all your time and emotions and keeping it to themselves. Whereas friendship is effortless there is no jealousy and is kind of healthy relationship where you can be yourself no matter what.

– However, friendship can be found in a romantic relationship too. But romantic love can’t be found in friendship.

– The feeling of love is intense and full of emotions and promotes the release of oxytocin but friendship is quite laid back with no efforts to make each other happy but can give you an immense amount of warmth.

What should you choose?

Honestly, for people who have very good friends and a good love interest too. There won’t come a situation that requires to choose one between both.

But if such a situation arises, you can either dump the person who asked you to choose or choose your love interest. Most of the times the question of choice comes from your love, so it’s clear that friends hardly have any issue with you spending time with your partner. But if you completely start avoiding your friends, it might disappoint them. So even if you choose your partner over your friends, make sure to still take some time for your friends. Many friends understand each other and won’t question you about spending less time with them. So, never lose someone who matters to you, if you are forced to choose then leave the person who is forcing you.

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