· Initiate the conversation

Your children won’t talk to you about sex even if they have found out about it. So it’s necessary for you to initiate. Start talking about it at a very young age, you need not tell them everything but slowly and gradually over time, they should be told about everything. If you recognise that they have already found out about sex then you must soon initiate the talk.

· Provide them useful information

Don’t shy away from talking about words like sex, periods etc. These all are natural things and you shouldn’t be shallow about it. Talk to your children openly about everything and provide them with the correct information. Take reference of the book just to assure them. Talk about intercourse also. Tell them the private nature of intercourse and the right age for it. It’s very much vital that you keep your children well informed about it so they don’t make mistakes under curiosity.

· Talk about love and lgbtq+

Have a clear talk about what love actually is? Why do marriages happen? Why kids are born? Etc. Also, teach them about sexualities and how they can differ from person to person. Talk them about the LGBTQ community. So that they would accept it from their childhood and won’t make fun of it along with their friends.

· Talk about sexual abuse or assault

It is very important to talk about abuse and sexual assault to your children at a very young age. They should be told about the difference between good touch and bad touch. Many kids face sexual assault and molestation in their childhood which they don’t complain about because they don’t know the difference between right and wrong. As parents, it’s your responsibility to teach your children the difference.

· Tell them the importance of consent

If your kids are taught the importance of consent in the very young age, in future, they would know the exact meaning of ‘No’. Your children should know that ‘ no means no’ and sex is something that definitely requires consent from both the parties. This will mould your child into a good human being.

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