· Find a good yoga teacher

You can do yoga on your own at home but not in the beginning. Getting proper directions from a good yoga teacher will help you avoid mistakes or help you to know the effective yoga for your purpose. A teacher can help you with poses as per your current health and body structure.

· Respect limitations of your body

When you just begin, your body is not used to the yoga positions. In the beginning, it’s important that you respect your body’s limitation. You can’t expect to have a flexible body in the very first day. Understand your body’s restriction and do yoga accordingly.

· Set a goal

Before you start doing yoga, you must set a goal. Decide the purpose of your yoga, do you want to do it to stay fit or be flexible or for spiritual needs. When you have your goals set it becomes easier to know the direction of your journey. So you must decide your goals before starting.

· Buy a stick mat and comfortable clothes

Yoga without yoga mat is incomplete. To be able to do yoga comfortably and effectively, you must by yoga mat. Also, while doing yoga wear comfortable clothes. You can’t wear jeans to your yoga sessions. So make sure to wear comfortable clothes.

· Take notes

In the beginning, when you are in your learning phase and have joined classes make sure to take notes. In yoga, there’s a lot of importance on breathing and if you forget the pattern of breathing, the yoga will not be effective. So it’s necessary that you take note about effective poses and the breathing pattern required.

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