Deep breathing is a powerful tool with so many benefits. Breathing for 5-10 minutes can give you many benefits. There are many breathing exercises in yoga. It is an easy way to relax and calm your stressed mind. Below are a few benefits of deep breathing

· Improves blood circulation

Deep breathing provides oxygen to blood and removes carbon dioxide. Also when you breathe your muscle relaxes this allows your blood vessels to dilate and improves blood circulation.

· Relaxation of mind and body

Oxygen in your blood when reaches to your brain it reduces anxiety. Meditation is a way to relax your mind and body. When you are angry or stressed, tension is created in your body, your body becomes stiff and tight. It is necessary to relax your body and mind, in such a situation deep breathing can help you a lot.

· Strengthens your immune system

Oxygen in your blood stream is responsible to carry all the nutrients and vitamins to all the body parts. More the oxygen, cleaner the blood it, therefore, discord all the toxins and helps to strengthen immunity.

· Improves posture

When you do breathing exercises it is necessary to sit properly and keep your spine straight. Bad posture while doing breathing exercise doesn’t help. So continuously doing breathing exercises with right position helps improve your posture.

· Better digestion

More oxygen digests food better. Oxygenation of digestive organs makes them work efficiently.

Oxygen in blood cells helps carry energy to all the body parts.

· Eases your pain

Deep breathing has been proved to ease your pain. It acts as a natural pain killer. When you deep breathe a feel-good hormone called endorphin is released, which acts as a painkiller.

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