Who doesn’t want to stay fit Many of us have tried exercise, crash dieting, and every other way to shed those extra pounds yet no effect! Losing weight is not only dependent on exercise but also on the food you eat. Nutritionists suggest fasting is not a good idea while wanting to lose weight but eating healthy stuff can help you lose that extra inch. Here’s some food suggested by the nutritionist that can help you stay in shape.

· Have breakfast like a king

There’s a saying one must have his breakfast like a king. Well what does it mean? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Being the first meal after 8 hours sleep breakfast can really help with your metabolism. What can you have in your breakfast?

Vegetables, fruits, nuts, healthy proteins etc. can be included in breakfast.

· Rainbow plate

Many nutritionist suggest including all colours of vegetables and fruits in your plate. Vegetables like spinach, beetroot, carrots etc. are must-haves to give you those vitamins and fibres your body needs.

· Include good fats and protein

Fats are also necessary for our body. Eating good fats helps build the cell wall, they are also good for your heart, cholesterol and your overall health. Fish, nuts, olive oil, avocado etc. Are full of good fats and should be included in diet. Eggs, chicken meat, fish provides lean proteins. However, avoid eating red meat.

· Eating at regular intervals.

Fasting or starving doesn’t help in losing weight, not eating for a long time can slow down your metabolism and also affects your blood sugar. Eating less but on frequent terns can help boost metabolism.

· Eat less sugar and salt.

Salt can retain water in your body which can lead to an increase in weight. higher salt is also linked with higher fat. Sugar on the other hand is the major reason to add calories. Therefore intake of both sugar and salt should be reduced.