Mental exhaustion can happen to anyone who is suffering from long term stress. It will make you emotionally drained and make you feel overwhelmed. It is therefore important to deal with it. Here are some things you can do when you feel mentally exhausted.

· Meditate

Meditation can be helpful for any mental issue. Meditation is said to relax and calm your mind. It can help you improve sleep, concentration and immunity. Therefore, if you practice meditation regularly it can benefit you in reducing your exertion.

· Change your routine

You get bored and exhausted when you have the same daily routine. Changing your routine can help you deal with the exhaustion. Every week take up a challenge to try something new. Include things you love to do in your daily routine. This will help you enjoy your work and feel less stressed.

· Don’t stress yourself with decision

Make fewer decisions. During the day you have to make many decisions and by the end of the day, you might feel stressed out. So try to make fewer decisions, don’t involve yourself in unnecessary situations. Stay away from other people’s issues. By keeping your days minimal can help you face less stressful situations.

· Re-evaluate your relationships

When you are exhausted try and talk to your family and friends. It’s very important to maintain your relationship with your friends and family. Talking to them can help you relax and have fun. So spend time with them and re-evaluate your relationships.

· Spend time with nature

Go green, nature has this special quality of healing. The green colour can be so pleasing to your eyes and eventually to your mind. Nature can bring peace of mind and help you relax. So make sure to take a trip through nature whenever you feel mentally exhausted.

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