What is employee experience?

Employee experience is what the employee of an organisation experiences or is exposed to during the tenure of his job at the organisation. Every organisation believes in satisfying their customers so that they could retain their customers, therefore, organisations take efforts to improve customer experience. Similarly, many organisations believe human resources as their primary strength and thus make sure to take care of employee experience and are investing to improve their experience.

The employee experience can be categorised in three categories;

· The cultural experience- where it is seen that the employee is satisfied with the culture of the company such as leadership style, communication culture etc.

· The technological experience- where it is seen that employees are provided with proper tools and equipment to be able to work comfortably.

· The physical experience- where it is seen that the employees don’t face any physical tension due to improper seating arrangement, the climate of the office etc.

Why is employee experience is a concern for many organisations?

The organisation not only faces external competition like that in sales and product innovation but also faces internal competition like that of retaining skilled and qualified employees. Most of the employees would leave if they get a better offer from other companies. Finding the right set of employees is as important as making sales for any organisation because employees are the primary resources of any company. Therefore, it becomes necessary to retain the employees and it is only possible if they are given the best experience of working with your organisation.

The competition of regarding employment is from both sides. In fact, skilled employees will make sure to the glossier picture the organisation may post on their profiles on websites like LinkedIn but would do proper research before joining any organisation.

Due to all these reasons, it becomes important for an organisation to maintain and improve the employee experience.

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