· Skip breakfast

You have heard breakfast is the most important meal and that’s absolutely correct but it, if you are trying to do intermittent fasting skipping breakfast is necessary. While experimenting on your body, skipping breakfast is the first thing you must do. The basic of intermittent fasting is delaying your first meal as much as possible,therefore, skipping breakfast is the ideal way to do it.

· Shift your focus from food

While fasting it becomes difficult to not think about food and when you think about food, you start craving it. So when your fasting period is on, keep yourself busy with work and don’t keep your mind idle otherwise it will make you fall for the cravings.

· Set a schedule

Intermittent fasting experts suggest having food between noon to 8 pm, some even suggest having food up to 6 pm. So set your schedule of eating food accordingly. Decide your menu for every day and follow it. Eat as much as you want between these6-8 hours and after that fast for the next 16-18 hours.

· Avoid sugar

When your fasting period is on avoid sugar intake as it will reduce the effect of fasting. Drink more and more water during the fasting period., no coffee, no tea and no drinks only water you can include lime juice in your water. Keep your fluid levels up to keep you full.

· Take it slow

If you change your schedule immediately, it will affect your body negatively. So take it slow and gradually change your diet. Begin with skipping breakfast, see how it affects your health then slowly begin having dinner early at 6 or 8. And for the rest, in that period drink water and fluids. Eventually, the diet will show it affects your body and the results are going to be amazing.

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