· Practice stretching

– Stretching can be helpful in gaining a flexible body. You must practice stretching at least 6 days a week. Even if you are not engaging in actual exercise, you must do the stretching part. Also stretching should be done before exercising and after exercise because stretching help you boost your energy levels and increase heart rate. It also helps you cool down after a intense exercise session. Stretching helps in avoiding injuries as it improves your flexibility.

– A great way to include stretching in your daily routine is to do it soon after waking up and before going to bed.Try to stretch each of the ten major muscle groups: the quadriceps (quads) in the front of your thigh, the hamstrings on the back of your thigh, your calves, chest, back (including the trapezius between the shoulder blades), shoulders, triceps on the back of the upper arm, biceps on the front of the upper arm, forearms, and abdominals.

· Try yoga

– Yoga is an ideal practice to improve overall body flexibility and strength.Every pose of yoga has its share in improving the flexibility of some body parts. Yoga on a regular basis can help you become more and more flexible and do more tough asanas.

– Regularity is must for gaining flexibility, in the beginning, you would not be flexible but slowly, your body will start to adapt to the position and become flexible. You won’t notice it as it is a slow process but eventually, you will see the difference.

– Include mountain pose, child pose, downward facing dog etc. Make sure to hold each pose for 5-10 breaths and then change the position.

· Exercise targeting towards specific muscles

– While exercising target specific muscle goals where you want to bring flexibility. If you want flexible shoulders to target shoulder muscles stretching of both the shoulders and chest area.

– Stretch your hamstrings as they are more vulnerable to injury during sports and exercise.Make sure to target hamstring stretching before exercising or playing any sport.

– Focus on your back. Stretching back muscles can help you relieve from back pain, especially lower back pain. Limit it to your hip and spine. An exercise that includesyou back can bring more flexibility in your body. It can become much easier to bend frontwards or backwards.

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