This year has been quite a tough one for the entire world and the limelight of the year is none other than the pandemic. The Coronavirus pandemic has been hitting us hard in all possible ways, from our health to our wealth it has been affecting all the aspects of life. Amidst all of these, one question that arises in everyone’s mind is “when will the pandemic end?”

How long people will be dealing with the pandemic?

Honestly, there’s no idea when the pandemic would end. People from all over the world have different speculations depending on their experiences. No one knows how the pandemic will end and when the pandemic will end.

Coronavirus is totally a new virus and therefore there can’t be any predictions made about it. Doctors even find it difficult to know how the virus spreads in the body and what are the symptoms. The virus shows different symptoms on different bodies when infected.

Right now there’s no medicine, no vaccine to treat or prevent the virus. Only the person with the best immunity survives and thus people with poor immunity who are aged above 50 and have previous medical history are suffering the most.

People are dealing with the pandemic for almost 9 months now and according to researchers, there won’t be a perfect covid vaccine until the late of 2021. Though many countries are in the testing period of the vaccines generated by them, hope that the vaccine is registered soon.

How long did previous pandemics last?

The previous pandemics that were recorded in 1920 and 1820 were said to have lasted about 12months to 36 months.

There are speculations, that the pandemic might end by the world receiving mass immunity and if it is so then it might definitely take some more months and many lives.

Take the necessary precautions! Stay home, stay safe!

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