Are you a pasta lover? Then, good news for you. It is made with grain, which is one of the basic foods in a healthy diet that also includes veggies, fruits, fish, and poultry. To describe it, you can say it is a powerhouse of energy, which will also give you fiber if made with whole grain. From helping in managing cholesterol levels to giving you energy, there are several benefits of pasta, and so you should eat it often.

1) Prevents Cancer: Whole-grain pasta can have many health benefits. It contains several ingredients that can help prevent cancer, especially colon and stomach cancer. For a special treat, you can try spaghetti with whole-grain pasta. However, it is good to eat it once a week but not regularly.

2) Weight Loss: Yes, pasta can help you lose weight. However, it will only help if you don’t overdo it. Season your pasta with fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil, and olive oil to make it healthy.

3) Blood Sugar In Check: Pasta has a low GI (glycemic index), which helps prevent diabetes and obesity. Don’t make your pasta unhealthy with too many ingredients.

4) Easy To Make: You don’t need specific skills or knowledge to make pasta. Just follow simple steps like boiling the pasta, making gravy, adding veggies, and letting them sit for some time. That’s it.