Hiking, jogging, running and mountain climbing are some activities that involve your legs and mostly your toes. Toes are an essential part of our legs. They help us maintain the balance. Feet comprise of  26 bones and joints supporting the body’s weight and travel over 100,000 miles in an average person’s lifetime. They allow you to stand, walk. Some people use as much as 70 percent of their standing hours on their feet. About 97 percent of people are with normal feet from their birth, but 3 percent suffer from minor disorders. Some athlete’s foot suffers fungal infections because of some tiny blisters which after bursting get dried up. Big toes are affected and they develop an outgrowing bone which is called bunions. Sometimes a toe can get affected by corn and calluses which make the skin hard and makes a painful and burning sensation. Even foot cramps are often occurred because of strained muscles.

Here are some tips regarding foot care and how to protect from other foot infections.

Keep your feet clean and dry

Always try to keep your feet dry and clean before wearing any shoes. Cleaning and washing your feet is a very important thing. One should change your socks more often so as to prevent fungal infections.

Rest and relax your feet.

One should relax his toes and elevate your feet and one should do some exercise and some rolling exercise. Look for cracks on heels and blisters.

 People with diabetes are likely to have foot problems.

Diabetes can cause poor circulation in the feet, making infection a serious danger. They should take more care of their feet and soak them in water often.

Wear comfortable shoes

Wearing comfortable shoes is one of the most important aspects when it comes to proper care of your toes and ankles. Wearing uncomfortable shoes can cause boils and irritation.

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